Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Week to go!

Whew, what a few months it's been. I am taking a class at UCSD that is taking up all my free time when I'm not out training for the 3-day. My final class is tomorrow night and the 3-day is Friday!!! I'm almost there. The fruits of my labor are many: I have learned so much in this class and my body is stronger. Because of our fundraising we've provided medical assistance for others who could not afford it. We've helped make a difference.

I'm so excited and to be honest, a bit nervous. Can I do it, will my foot hold out? I've got it wrapped and elevated as I do my homework today but it's killing me.

Jean Louis came home from France last night. He smelled of lavender when I picked him up. His mother uses a lavender soap in her laundry. He adorned me with gifts and filled our cupboards up with his favorite nummy-nums. He's a happy man. I'm a blessed women.

OK, back to the 3-day. I joined a training group - The Coastal Cuties a few months back. They train in North County. It's been a a challenge to get to Carlsbad by 6am on Sat/Sun mornings. It was well worth it. I've met some amazing people and their brisk LONG walks have certainly strenghten me. They welcomed me with open arms and I love them for it. Below are a few pictures of my training group. Yesterday was out last training day and our leader, Cheryl brought us all bunny ears to wear. You can only imagine the comments from passer-bys.

See you on the 3-day Coastal Cuties!!!

Cheryl, Team Leader

My Obama-Mama buddy, Denise.

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