Friday, November 21, 2008


The morning started early. Aunt Sandi drove me to the Fairgrounds and stayed for the opening ceremonies. Tears flowed. The power of people is amazing.

The people that came out in groves to cheer us on were amazing. The support of this community is amazing. Ok, I know I am using the word amazing a lot but it simply sums up my experience. I was laughing most of the time (the pictures will tell the story)

I met a lot of my training group along the way and even had a drive by from Brother Russ in his SDG&E truck.

I went to the Medical Tent twice to have my foot iced and must go do it again. It hurts a lot.

I'm tired and need to go soak so here are some pictures of the first day. Love you!

Me and Bustin-Out Billy

Visited Lorraine in her classroom in Bird Rock during the walk.

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