Saturday, October 4, 2008

15 Miles!

Today was a training walk of 15 miles. I joined my new training group at 6:00am in Carlsbad and we hit the road at 6:30. There were about 20 of us . We walked all over Carlsbad to Oceanside where a lovely beach-side breakfast was waiting for us. Wish I had my camera. I'm glad I've trained in North County; I want to take JL up there to some off-beat restaurants and to a small little hotel I found right on the beach ;)

We returned back to our cars at 12:30. There were stops along the way to stretch and use the bathrooms but the majority of the time we were moving. Some slower than others, I might add. Yes, I'm a slow walker. It feels like I'm really going fast but somehow all the others are ahead. I keep telling myself that it's ok; it's not a race. Thank God I found a new friend that is the same pace as I. She's 5'10 and her legs end at my waist but we walk the same speed. She is a great girl and I think we'll be friends after the training.

Tomorrow we will do 11 miles and and I think JL is going to join me. It's so touching how so many men are doing this with their wives. These men rock! One guy I met today was in his late 60's and this is his second time participating in the 30day. He got a little teary telling how amazing the 3-day experience is. I can't wait.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO MY JOURNEY! I'VE RAISED THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF $2,200. I am blessed to have people in my life that are so supportive.

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