Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miss you Mom

If I sit really still and close my eyes, I can see her. I can feel her. I can hear her. She was taken from us too soon.

I can feel the times we spent together hanging out in the kitchen or watching Wheel of Fortune. I can feel dancing the jitterbug with her in the kitchen. I can hear her as we would harmonize a song together.

I can see her bent over the sewing machine when I awoke from a bad dream in the middle of the night as a child. I don’t think she ever slept.

I can see her in her duster and slippers on a race against her "to-do" list. I can hear her go on and on about something she had read in the morning newspaper that just wasn’t right.

I can smell her Este Lauder perfume that she wore on occasion and see the sun glistening from her beautiful hair.

I can see her hanging her sheets out to dry and pulling weeds in the front yard.

I see her beautiful smile – always happy to see me and never in a bad mood.

I sit at the computer with tears running down my cheeks onto my pajamas. I cry for selfish reasons now; for a life we could have shared – for times she has missed. I cry for the look of pride she always had when she saw her granddaughter – I cry because I miss my Mom.


Anonymous said...

You are our Home's hummingbird.
Thinking of you

Avalon said...

What wonderful memories! I wish that she and Christian could have met. I think they would have gotten along famously...lots of crossword puzzles and coffee! Not a day goes by where I don't miss her and her beautiful smile. As I get older, I find myself marvelling at how she managed to do it all and I recognize what a special gift she had for bringing people together.

Anonymous said...

My memories of Marilyn are of her wonderful smile, great laugh, and big heart. I remember going to her house unannounced and always being welcomed. There are so many good memories, but he one that stands out is that she let us(her brother and wife and two kids) stay at her house for two months while our house was being built, and made us feel totally at home. The fourth July enchiladas and the 30th birthday parties she had for all of her children, all given with love.
She was the best aunt and I miss her so much.

Love you Nancy:)


Anonymous said...

I cried when you wrote about your sweet Mom, my sweet Sister and a sweet Grandma to several. She went all too soon.

I treasure the time that I spent with her the three years before she died. We had so many memories -- double dating (she never would go again with her date that ordered a brain sandwich at the drive-in!!), sleeping in the iron bed,her chasing me around the barn and me -- throwing a jagged piece of concrete and hitting her! She used to pull my hair when she wanted to fight so maybe I was getting back at her :) !!

She had such an outreaching spirit, always fixing a meal for someone, watching a kid for someone -- she was total Nurse-Mother in character and feeling, all to lacking in society today. I so wish that we had lived nearer each other as we would have supported one another to the end of the world.


Anonymous said...

I have so many good memories of my Mom that it is hard to pick from them all. She is in almost every event in my life that means something. When I was in a band back in junior high, Mom was always there to take me to practice after I finished my paper route, and there to bring me and my drums home. She was the one to take me to gigs, staying until they were over. Whenever I just had to have a shirt ironed before a date, she would drop whatever she was doing, and iron it for me. I remember many days she would take all of us kids down to the bay for beach parties with the neighbors. When she would get out on the skis, I would think she was so cool! She was our rock, our safe harbor, our comfort zone and I miss her so much. She dedicated her whole life to her family and we are better people because of having her as our mother. I Love You Mom! Steve

Rosemary said...

wonderful tribute