Friday, August 1, 2008

Be Kind

Do you know who won (or who is winning) Le Tour De France? Can you name an Olympic Gold medalist from the last Olympics? How about naming a recent Pulitzer Prize Winner? Name one – any one. Can you tell me who won Miss America or who won an academy award for best actor?? If you are like me, you probably struck out on most of these questions.

I wonder, however, if you can tell me who the last person was that told you “I love you". Can you remember the last random act of kindness someone did for you? Can you tell me the last time a stranger smiled at you that made your day? Can you remember a sweet random thing that your parent or Grandparent did for you when you were little? What about a teacher that made a difference?

Great acts may go down in the history books but it’s those small acts of kindness that we do for each other that will be remembered.

Weekend Homework: Try a little kindness this weekend – do something spontaneous for someone. Find a cause and help make a difference.

Don't wait for people to be kind;
show them how.

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Rosemary said...

love your thoughts on kindness , thanks for the reminder