Friday, September 26, 2008

Countdown: 8 Weeks!!

2 months to go!!! To some, it may seem like a ways off but for a gal preparing to walk 60 miles it sounds like tomorrow! I'm on with the training. I'm achy all of the time and my right foot is still bothering but I'm doing it. Thanks to all of you dear people (and YOU know who you are) my fundraising is almost done! I've only $175 more to go to meet the committed amount needed to walk which is $2200. My young nephew has weekly chores that he does for an ederly women in his neighborhood and he gave his earnings to me for my walk. What an example he is. Thank you Jordan!

I'll take two walks tomorrow to equal 11 miles and on Sunday, I am meeting some other fellow walkers in Solana Beach for a 15 mile. I'm excited. I don't know any of them but that's ok. Last weekend was the 3-day expo and I did a 10 mile walk at 6:30 am with hundreds of women. I did not know a one which was a little hard but being the friendly gal that I am, I managed to strike up a few conversations. When I first arrived I almost cried - it felt so lonely. Sure wish I was doing this with one of you!

Here is the training schedule for next week. It is emailed to me every week. Some of you may benefit from the tips below for your next walk around the block.

Your Training Schedule for This Week:
Monday Rest
Tuesday 4 milesEasy walking
Wednesday 30 minutesModerate cross-training
Thursday 5 milesModerate walking
Friday 45 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 15 miles Easy walking HOW CAN THEY SAY 15 MILES OF EASY WALKING? ;)
Sunday 11 miles Easy walking

Training Tip of the Week: Walking Technique
I know what you’re thinking. How hard can this be? Everyone knows how to walk. But, when you are walking 60 miles, technique can be the key to preventing injury and increasing your walking speed.

Four common walking errors:
Staring at the ground: Keeping your head down and shoulders slouched can lead to tightness and fatigue in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Focus your gaze off at the horizon and not down at your feet or the ground just in front of you. This will tend to pull your whole body more upright. Pull your shoulders back and chest forward.

Taking an extra long stride: This can lead to sore shins, tightness in the back of the thighs (hamstrings) and a jarring thud with every step. Try rolling, not bouncing, from one stride to the next. Try to put your foot down as fast as you can. Don’t reach for the longest possible stride. Feel you body glide along the ground and try not to let your heels slam into the ground on each step.
Chicken wings: Elbows flailing out to the sides with each arm swing can cause neck, shoulder and upper back pain. Feel your thumb rub the waistband of your pants as your hand swings back and then stop it there. Don’t let it swing any further back. Imagine trying to elbow the walker directly behind you. Don’t let your hips have an exaggerated side-to-side sway.

Hyperextending your back: Excessive arch in the low back can cause tightness in the lower back and upper gluteal (buttock) muscles. Keep your rear end tucked underneath you by gently pulling your navel into your spine and flattening your stomach.

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