Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lake Crescent

My buddy, Linda, was kind enough to take me to lunch at The Lodge at Lake Crescent in Washington when I visited last month. Lake Crescent resides in the Olympic National Park. Did you even know there was an Olympic National Park?

JL and I have reservations to stay in the Roosevelt cabins (with our own fireplace, thank you) for Labor Day, 2010. The reservationist was shocked they had a reservation; must have had a cancellation. Lucky us!

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Mary Helen said...

Wow...I have never been to Lake Crescent - I have driven by it a hundred times...now I will have to take the time to visit it. Your photos are beautiful. We are new to Forks, Wa...Every day living gets in the way of exploring everything, I hope once the weather gets better that we will get out and about. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving me comments and this link...