Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marigold (Calendula officinalis) GREEN THUMB SUNDAY

A popular garden plant, Marigold has been valued for many centuries for its' exceptional healing powers and is particularly remarkable in the treatment of wounds. When used for medicinal purposes, it is commonly referred to as 'Calendula'.

I've read that a tea made of the flowers of this plant stimulates the liver and has anti-inflammatory properties,. Tincture of marigold is a powerful antiphlogistic for skin diseases. Poor healing wounds and mouth and throat infections can be helped by a compress with marigold tincture or a mouthwash.

Calendula officinalis is the main medicinal species used by herbalists but at last 100 wild species of Marigold can be found in Morocco, Portugal, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Mexico, Africa, Australasia, Asia Minor and Palestine. It has been grown in Britain since Roman times and cultivated in temperate regions of the United States since the 18th century.

Marigold has a long history of medicinal use, stretching back to the Roman's and the ancient Greeks, who drank Marigold tea to relieve nervous tension and sleeplessness. It has also been used in cooking, dying cloth and skin care and was a well-known symbol of good luck.

And here I was just growing it cuz it's pretty....


Teena in Toronto said...

What a gorgeous colour!

I played too :)

WiseAcre said...

cuz it's pretty is good. I wouldn't want you growing it for medicinal purposes or to change your luck either. Keep healthy, lucky and stay pretty :)