Thursday, January 13, 2011

Le Gite

Gite: n. A simple, usually inexpensive rural vacation retreat especially in France

We stayed in this lovely 3 bedroom gite on our last trip to France. The owners converted an old farmhouse and made 3 rentals out of it. It was beautifully located on an organic farm on the outskirts of Pelissane (Provence, France).

Jean Louis was able to ride his bike every morning to the local boulangerie for his daily pain au chocolat. It was close enough to also ride bikes to his parents home.

Notice the old fountain on the patio. Can't wait to go back!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

That's a beautiful looking place. Here in the states, our old buildings are youngsters compared to some in France.

(I clicked on your link in my blogroll to see if you still had a blog, and see you did post recently. It shows up as a year ago since your last post in my sidebar. I hope things are going well for you.)

vnv4 said...

Congrats on your new temp job! Loved the photo of the French farm that you stayed at...lovely. I haven't been on my blog for some time as computer is down; still try to stop by different blogs once in a great while. :)

WhyNot said...


It looks lovely! You have any more pictures of the area?I'd love to know where this place is so we can try and book it for our trip in May next year. Please give me contact details if you don't mind. Thanx

WhyNot said...


It looks lovely! Do you have any more pictures of the area? I'd love to find out where this is so we can try and book it for our trip to France next year May. Please give some more info or a website where we can find this place. Thank you.