Friday, May 8, 2009

Dirty Baby Bird

We have birds nesting in the cypress trees that separate us from our neighbors. I love birds but not these. These are dirty birds that poop every where and dive bomb you from time to time. They took over our waterfall fountain, have chased all the song birds away and have a horrible squawk. I have not enjoyed sharing my garden with them.

The other morning, my cat, Eiffel was minding his own business, looking out the window from his cat tree and the dirty birds were attacking him, well almost, through the window. There were about 20 birds freaking out! This intimidated Eiffel and he finally hid behind the curtain. Mind you, NOTHING intimidates Eiffel Jean Pierre - Nothing - EVER.

Later that morning, I was out watering the side garden and these dirty black birds started attacking MOI! Little did I now that they were just trying to protect their little one that had a mishap with his first flying lesson. As I was watering, this little newborn ran and hid under the fern tree. Later, he hopped on this dead sweet pea bush(that's another story)and I snapped a few pictures.

All of the sudden my heart changed towards these "dirty" birds. My vocabulary cleaned up as well. "Isn't it sweet how the Mom and Dad, fly down to feed him"? "Isn't he sooo cute?" "Just look at that precious baby; he must be so scared!" Five minutes earlier, I was asking my husband if I could buy a bb gun! Funny how a baby changes things.


Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Nancy!
I always love the way that you write about things.You give even for simple things a special touch of “golden”!Lovely post! Amazing to know about your adorable “Eiffel Jean Pierre “ and his reaction! Funny indeed! I don’t know what little Luna could do in this case. Generally she is very quiet and since she was adopted for us she lives inside our apartment and never goes out…only for one or two times during the year to take her vaccines. Anyway they have their instinct!

I wish you a wonderful “Mother’s Day”. I have two kids, my son Gui is 20 and my daughter is 15! Wow seems like yesterday they are just my babies!!!
God bless you
your friend Léia

I'm Julia said...

You made me giggle :-)