Monday, March 2, 2009

Fontaine Moussue

This is where Jean Louis grew up - Salon de Provence, France. We love having a coffee at le café while sitting and watching the passersby.

A popular attraction in Salon is the Fontaine Moussue, on the Place Crousillat. This 18th-century fountain is covered by a thick mound of moss. Some say the moss is dying due to global warming. The fountain is surrounded by plane trees planted over the centuries: one was planted in 1799 to mark the end of the Revolution and another was planted in 1919 to mark the end of the Great War.


Titania said...

This is very interesting a fountain covered by moss. Moss is a plant and it might just die off and rejuvenate again. I have seen that in my garden. Vive la France!

Barb said...

take me please,the perfect spot to have a cup of coffee and me to spill all my little secrets to you(LOL), It's a beautiful spot I can't wait to visit France....Barb