Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome Friends!

For those of you that know me, you KNOW I'm a social person and love to entertain. Why is it then, that I don't do it more often? It's just not right.

I worry about the house not being spotless or that my neighborhood is beginning to look like the hood. I worry about all the wrong things. I'm not a perfectionist so why do I become preoccupied about things not being perfect??? Bizarre.

I come from a line of "cleaning ladies". My Mother and sister were/are PERFECT housekeepers. There are just so many other things that I find myself doing that by the end of the weekend, I've realized I haven't picked up a mop or lifted a sponge! Thank God JL usually comes to the rescue! "Don't worry, my lovey, I'll take care of it". Later, I look up from the lower garden and see his profile running the vacuum. Instant Relief! Thank God there is no sexism in this house! Merci mon amour pour all that you do!

Now please realize, this man that can clean a bathroom, can also dig a mean trench in the garden. Today he posed for a glamour shot while in the middle of digging a trench in 100 degree heat. Sort of alienish don't you think?

My point is, somehow, it gets done and it should not be a reason for keeping me away from people I love. I need to either come to terms that the house and neighborhood are not perfect or hire a housekeeper and move! Right? With that said, I promise to invite you over more often. Doesn't one of the Alien's margaritas sound good???

ps: The welcome friends picture was given to Mom by a nurse during a chemo treatment. Mom mentioned how much she liked it and the nurse simply took it off the wall and handed it to her. I could have kissed her!

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I Love You....cj