Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there!! What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend we had. Even though my sweet child was unable to visit, I felt so much love being with friends, family and my husband. We celebrated Sat with family and friends from Brazil and France. We had an awesome visit from my cousin's daughter, Maranatha. (What a lovely young lady by the way).

On Mother's Day Sunday we took our nieces and nephew to church. On this special day, all five of us had our own personal woes as none of us had our Mothers with us. Yet, somehow, through the emotion, God's powerful love shown through and gave us comfort. It makes me feel good just knowing that my Mom is in God's garden.

In the afternoon, we visited our favorite beach for a long nature walk. I could not have asked for more. Here are a few photos from our afternoon at the beach.

...and miss her so

sea fig on the cliff

love this man!

baby lobster tail!


lovely girl; inside and out

precious boy

nature's art

another lobster tail!

precious girl

a natural...


I miss my Mom yet when I open my eyes she is everywhere ~ especially in my garden.

Mom's pink geranium

God's Garden

When the wise God planted his garden, scattering the seeds from above, the choicest seed in his packet was the flower of Mother-love.
Carefully watched o'er and tended, nurtured by sunshine and shower, ever growing sturdy and stronger, it blooms-a beautiful flower.
A flower so sweet and entrancing, dazzling and shining and white, a love that guards us and guides us though life - our beacon light.
A love that steadies our footsteps, that stretches a helpful hand, that comforts our sorrows and heartaches, that always will understand.
Mother-love, God's gift to His children, with heavenly fragrance fraught; the brightest flower in God's garden, his truest forget-me-not.

~ Myrtie Fisher Seaverns ~

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